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The Ultimate Online Blackjack Resource

Blackjack has built the ultimate online blackjack resource and educational center for learning about the game of blackjack (21). In this guide we’ll teach you how to play blackjack along with the essential basic strategy for the optimum advantage.

In this guide to playing online blackjack for real money we’ll examine the best casinos to play blackjack from your phone, mobile device, laptop or personal computer. Then if you continue reading on we’ll teach you how to play blackjack like a professional. For now, take a look at our expert picks of top recommended casinos for playing blackjack online and winning real money.

One of the reasons why blackjack is one of the most popular casino games is because it has the best odds for the player versus the house (the casino). Additionally, many players love the game because its easy to learn how to play. Let us explain to you how to play blackjack properly.

The first thing you need to know about the game is the objective. It’s rather simple. You want the value of your hand of cards to be higher than the dealer’s total without going over 21. If/when your hand value goes over 21 this is called a “bust” and is an automatic loss. On the other hand, getting a 21 on your first two cards is called a “blackjack” and it immediately pays 3 to 2 or 1.5 times the amount wagered.

When the game begins you will place a bet in the betting box on the blackjack table. You’ll place your casino chips into the betting box as will any other players at the table. Then the casino dealer will deal out the cards to the players and to the dealer’s hand. Each player and the dealer all start with 2 cards each. Only one of the dealers cards is visible to the gamblers though.

Basic blackjack strategy is the fundamental foundation for playing to achieve optimum results. Commonly referred to as Basic Strategy and sometimes called The Book, blackjack’s basic strategy tells the player the best move to make in every possible situation.

Every BJ player must start by studying, learning and mastering basic strategy.

There are strategy cards that explain what the statistically proven best move to make is. These come in handy when you’re first learning the fundamentals of basic blackjack strategy. has searched the internet on the lookout for the best free blackjack apps for mobile phones like iPhone and Android phones. If you want to practice playing the game we recommend the following BJ apps that are totally FREE to play. Its wise to practice your blackjack skills with these free BJ apps and don’t risk losing real money at an actual online casino site.