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New Facebook Games from Plumbee

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£100 Million-worth Of Charity From bet365 Founder

A new charity worth £100 million has been launched by the founder of bet365, Denise Coates. The profits from 2013 were recently doubled by the company where the pre-tax figure in last year’s total is only £148 million compared to this year’s huge £319 million. Indeed, bet365 is a huge business. Despite losing £5 million as the Stoke City FC majority stake holder, they are still UK’s largest bookmaker casino online.

Coates was featured in Forbes magazine this year with £930 million though an even larger digit on Sunday Times was listed at £1.2 billion. The company that Coates and her brother started had the largest traffic with the World Cup this year through the online sportsbook.

Despite being new and just getting started, the bet365 foundation has already done major donations to the victims of typhoon Haiyan, Oxfam, the Douglas Macmillan hospice for cancer patients, and Cafod. They are also giving University scholarships and cultural activities which more and more people want to have. The online casino is indeed expanding and embarking on a new journey by giving back to the people who gave them huge success and for sure, they are going to unravel some new successes in the future for the good deeds they are doing.

It is certainly good to see a huge company help build a better world and the bet365 Foundation is surely going to have the best of luck in the future. Bet365 spans a wide range of platforms in gambling including bingo, online casino, poker rooms, sportsbetting and more. Also, the company pioneered some innovations in the industry and raised the bar higher for operators from around the world.

There are certainly a lot of people that will be reached by the help and charity work that the foundation is doing and many lives will be changed forever because of this.


Bwin Struggles to Keep Up with Projected Target

Most online gambling companies are doing the best they can to improve their operations from top to bottom. However, there are times that they are having difficulties coming up with major decisions that could possibly affect customers and players.

This is exactly what is going on in the headlines recently with Bwin.Party. There have been rumors circulating that the company is facing some financial instability with their shares significantly dropping since last year. Nevertheless, the company has covered it up with the statement saying that the World Cup has saved their sports betting operations and sales. On the other hand, its poker and casino departments remain the same.

Bwin.Party is now being criticized by its shareholders and board members, saying that the company has been mismanaged since its merger deal in 2010 with Bwin Interactive Entertainment and PartyGaming plc. It so happens that Spring Owl Firm, owned by Jason Ader who is an ex-analyst for Wall Street Journal, an investor and activist, has a five percent share in the company and sits as one of the board members, and now leads the critical attack against them.

The casino online and sports betting company is now under pressure as Ader demands them to improve its performance. Ader pointed out that a $13.6 million dollars or 10 million Euro of cuts could effectively help the company keep up with their projected target this 2014. It could be remembered that reports came out saying Bwin’s shares had dropped by 30 percent with speculations that company is on the verge of breaking down.

But according to Norbert Teufelberger,’s chief executive, the company is continuously doing its best to boost its performance with cost cuts. He reiterated that the company remains very confident that it will be able to meet its projected target for the year. They are taking steps to reduce all complications, expenses and simplify decision-making. The company is also set to continue its goal to get into the regulated casino online industry in the US with major sponsorship deals in place. Also included in the deal are the ads for Philadelphia 76ers and New Jersey Devils plus the establishment of the online poker tournament series, the Dream Seat Series.