Caesars Says Email Promotion Targeting Compulsive Gamblers was Unintentional

comment faire des rencontres sur internet One of the common troubles for casinos online is the back-end issue of their software. Recently, one big company had experienced such a problem that they ended up being questioned for it. Caesars Entertainment was said to have sent a promotional email containing gambling materials to over 250 online players who were categorized as “compulsive gamblers”. According to the company, it was due to some software issues that they did not know about. Caesar’s vice president Seth Palansky further explained that the problem has already been fixed and no similar incident ever happened since then. He reiterated that it was unintentional that these kinds of patrons were the ones who were mistakenly targeted by the email. They said that as soon as they realized what had happened that they reported it to the state, but the damage was already done in the sending of the emails in the first place.

site de rencontre serieux gratuit plus de 50 ans Unfortunately, this violation is so serious that it comes with accompanying sanctions and fines as announced by the gaming regulators of New Jersey.  Since the legalization of online gambling in the state a year ago, this is the very first time that a company has been required to pay for $10,000 as sanction for the violation. However, this is not the first time for Caesars to violate the law because it had also sent emails to over 250 people earlier this year. The email says that compulsive gamblers may opt for a self-exclusion or may voluntarily ban themselves out of any online or traditional casinos. Obviously, Caesars has been involved in similar issues concerning compulsive gamblers with their land based properties as well.  Also, it could be remembered that the company ended up paying $3,000 for another violation on its billboards. The company failed to include the 1-800-GAMBLER hotline on its ad although it is clearly stated in the law. This violation occurred in May this year.

rencontre coquine biarritz Caesars seems to be a bit careless when it comes to these issues. It is not only once that they had experienced the same trouble. They should do something about their system and the people operating behind these systems. Problem gambling is a serious matter, and online casinos should be meticulous in handling this aspect of the business. Anti-online gambling organizations are keeping their eyes on every online casino and waiting for chances to attack them and force them to close down. Caesars must invest on efficient back-end systems to avoid this incident from happening again.