Underage Play Prevention Award Bagged By Illinois Lottery

https://www.lyquix.com/lidert/2503 Because of their effective procedures in spreading the message for responsible gaming in the last winter holiday season, the Illinois lottery took home a national prestigious award making them an example for all the other casinos. The Illinois Lottery took home the award for Best Holiday Campaign during the National Council on Problem Gambling’s 28th Annual Meeting earlier this month held in Orlando, Florida. The Illinois Lottery together with 37 other gaming corporations has a deep commitment in the prevention of underage play during the Annual Holiday Campaign in 2013, which is made possible by Canada’s McGill University International Centre for Youth Gambling Problems and High Risk Behaviors and the National Council on Problem Gambling’ collaborative initiative which highlighted the risks of giving scratch cards and lottery tickets to minors as gifts.


rules for dating an ex again Despite the fact that they are great gift ideas or stuffers in the stockings, they should be given to adults only. Adults are the only ones who can purchase a lottery ticket legally, and it must be given as a gift to someone who is also an adult with an age of 18 and above. To combat this, the International Centre for Youth Gambling Problems and High Risk Behaviors and National Council on Problem Gambling teamed up for the 6th time to make the message fly and reach more people even in online casino. Director of Illinois Lottery, Michael Jones, expressed their pride in taking home the award and promised to keep on doing their campaign towards responsible gambling in all of the aspects of their operations. Furthermore, he stressed their commitment in combating excessive and underage play with their message during the holidays and the entire year, “Play Responsibly; Give Responsibly.”

best 100 free dating sites in canada There are four other lotteries in the US aside from Illinois Lottery that achieved certification in the third level from World Lottery Association towards Responsible Gaming behavior, which is the 2nd highest possible level. Lottery playing is indeed exciting and fun. There are huge possibilities for daily wins, instant prizes, and big jackpots that can be taken away. But they are not only fun, they too can offer risk to players. That is why there are bodies and organizations like Illinois Lottery that stress the importance of responsible gaming and protection against fraud, addiction, and underage play.