Saucify, the New BetOnSoft BetOnSoft rebranding was announced today and from now on, the cutting-edge provider of casino games will now be known as Saucify. Saucify means to add some sauce to a certain dish in order to make it more flavorful, just like what the company has been doing to the online games market for eight long years. This name change by the company may give them both benefits and drawbacks. It may benefit them because of the clever idea they put behind it however, they may be disadvantaged because their previous name was already well established and changing it may put them back at scratch. Despite all of these concerns, players seem to love this change so far.

partnersuche 50+ schweiz Ethos of dynamism, speed and originality to market is being represented by the company’s new name and this is considered to be a huge step for them to be away from plenty of unsavory brands in the industry of gaming. A marketing spokesman of Saucify expressed that the improved messaging and branding is just a part of their wider strategic plan in marketing and after eight years of excellence, the new name is perfect for what they have been doing in the past that will carry on to the future. This will spice up the market of gaming through the best online content both playable in mobile and desktop form.

visit The spokesman further expressed that their previous name was not dynamic enough and didn’t even carry their innovative and unique games offering. Their marketing, messaging and branding is believed to benefit enough by their new identity in the corporate world. With this innovation, the company will be able to align their name, theme, game content, and the like together in one to be more specific and effective to their market group. This bold move, that BetOnSoft is now known as Saucify, is truly exemplary and not something that most companies would be able to do. Fusion-io, the company where Steve Wozniak is a chief scientist, described the platform and products of the company as visionary. The name of the company may have changed but other than that, they are still the same great company that players loved.

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