PA Table Games Revenue Up by 2.6% The monthly table of revenues from games report of the 12 Commonwealth casino online and land based was released today through the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board. In June 2014, the total revenue of $57.8 million may be a decrease of 2.8% in 2013’ table games revenue, this year’s fiscal year gaming revenue had an increase. During the 2013-14 fiscal year total revenue on table games, the figures in June boosted to $731 million which showed that there was an increase of over 2.6% compared to the 2012-2013 Fiscal year figures. A total of $105 million was collected from tax revenue in total coming from table games in the 2013-2014 Fiscal Year.

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her explanation A comparison of the total revenues in gaming for all of the previous fiscal years was also provided by the board since the casino online gaming started in November of 2006. From November 2006 up until the July of 2010, casinos in Pennsylvania hold operations with slot machines alone up until the table games were introduced. This past Fiscal year, the total combined casino gaming revenue was $3,051,764,960 which is lower compared to 2012-13 Fiscal Year’s $3,141,994,593. For the Fiscal Year of 2013-14, $1,346,502,222 was the total when table games and slot machines tax revenues are combined. These figures show a progression in the table games revenue of the casino industry in the state. This can mean more investors being attracted to this market and offer more exciting new casinos and contents.

navigate here In 2004, The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board was built when Act 71 was passed. The Race Horse Development and Gaming act is its alternate name. The Board is tasked to oversee every aspect of the casino industry of the state. Table games and slot machines are both offered in the 12 casinos under the board and have more than 16,000 people employed and can generate collectively $4 million each day as tax revenue. A part of that is allocated for tax reduction of property for all of the homeowners in Pennsylvania. It is also used for many other funds of the government. This is a success for Pennsylvania and it will surely continue to increase in the future in casino online and land based.